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Website Design and Self maintained website Solutions with Content Management - Ecommerce Design - Search Engine Consultants - Lee Marsh Design, Web Designers in Chesterfield
Website Design and Self maintained website Solutions with Content Management - Ecommerce Design - Search Engine Consultants - Lee Marsh Design, Web Designers in Chesterfield

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Bespoke Website Design
Our bespoke website design are created from a blank canvas without the use of templates, designed specifically to meet your needs web site needs.

Self Maintained Websites
Control your own website content and free yourself from costly content additions and website updates. Our self maintained websites provide you with the freedom to add additional pages when needed and edit your web site content via your personal online admin control panel. Full online support is available for all self maintained packages.

Ecommerce Website Design
Take control of your online store - No monthly payments - Update and add your products and pictures with ease, all updateable from your personal online control panel.

E-mail Marketing Designer
Hundreds of businesses spend vast amounts of money on marketing to attract new customers... Very few spend the little amount needed to sell to your existing customers. Try our HTML e-mail campaign builder.

Search Engine Consultants
You can have the best looking website on the net... but if no one can find you its value and revenue earning is reduced considerably. LMD search engine consultants will assess your existing website and amend its search engine friendliness to maximise its performance.

Website Upgrades
As your business expands so can your website. All our packages can be upgraded as your business grows providing you with the best solution to meet your requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation
Is your site visible in search engines? How much traffic is your site attracting? LMD search engine consultants provide a website optimisation service and will also integrate website analytics into your website pages to monitor traffic maximising effectiveness.

Website Integrations
Is your website restricting your business potential. With a few simple upgrades or modifications you could be benefiting from the Internet and stepping ahead of your competitors.

Website Design based in Chesterfield
Web Site Design
Web Site Design
Earn Extra Income From Your Website...

Do You Want To Make Money From Your Hobby Or Interests By Working At Home?

OR Do You Want To Earn Extra Income From Your Website?

If you want to work from home or get rich quick this is NOT the solution for you. You do have to work, if only a few hours a week, but it will provide you with an additional income.





HOW? and only for a few hours of your time a week working on your home PC or Office PC...

All you have to do is add content about your hobby or interests to your personalised or business revenue earning website.

If you already have a website or business website with content available, adding this revenue earning scheme can generate you additional income immediately.

Turn your home PC into your 'Working From Home Business'.

If you have a hobby or interest with a few hours to spare a week and wish to share your knowledge and information to others around the world you can now earn money 24 hours a day.

The more content and information you add, the more revenue potential you can earn.

Lee Marsh Design has developed a website solution which enables you to make money from your hobbies and interests or existing website business or personal and allows you to earn advertising revenue from adverts displayed throughout your website.


HOW DOES IT WORK? Each time a visitor arrives at your website seeking information you are providing about your chosen subject, hobby or interest, adverts specific to your topics are displayed automatically.

Each click your visitor make on your displayed adverts adds money to your account. It's as simple as that... This revenue earning scheme is not going to make you rich overnight, but the more content you add, the more you revenue you earn. And... its earning whilst your away from your computer or asleep 24/7.


HOW MUCH CAN I EARN? Your earning potential relies upon traffic to your website.


With this Revenue Earning Specific solution designed and developed for maximum search engine optimisation the only restrictions are the time you invest adding content to your website. Even though this will not make you rich overnight, you will soon find yourself becoming addicted to adding content as you see the revenue coming in.


All earnings are deposited directly into your account with only a few hours a week of work required...


WHY ISN'T EVERYONE DOING THIS? Every webmaster or web designer probably is. Until now with the availability of this unique opportunity and solution, the set up costs, knowledge required and management costs were not cost effective to make any money if you didn't have knowledge of web design and html.

We have created a solution that requires no previous web design knowledge or programming skills.

Simply write your own page content, add images and publish... It's as easy as 1 2 3...

Lee Marsh Design has developed a website solution package that allows you to add/edit/maintain your own website content that you simply add your topics and information to. The website and affiliate advertising module generates the revenue earning code for adverts directly into your web pages for visitors to click and earn you money.

You have probably visited so many websites as you browse the internet that are already using this revenue earning scheme that you simply don't notice it, or you haven't realised that you could be earning from this scheme too.

Do these advertisement formats look familiar?

You have probably clicked on adverts like these to find information and services you require. You have also earnt revenue for the website owner providing these advert displays.

It could be you... With your Work From Home Revenue Earning website.


WHO PAYS ME? Advertisers target your website that sell products or services relative to the content on your site. Like the Ads above these are automatically placed within your website pages to provide vistors with links to information, products and services advertisers are selling. This Work From Home website revenue earning scheme is the equivelant to providing your own magazine and paying advertisers supplying you with content and income.

WHAT CONTENT CAN I USE ON MY WEBSITE? You can use any theme or content you wish on your Work From Home website, providing it is NOT explicit or illegal and you are not breaching any copyright laws ie. Not directly copying or using other content from other sources from which you do not own the copyright.

If you have a hobby or interest, simply provide content relating to your subject and let the revenue earning sheme generate your adverts and income.


HOW DO I GET VISITORS TO MY WEBSITE? Every website is search engine optimised to maximise visibility in search engines. The more content you add and the more detailed and specific your pages are to topics the higher you will appear in searches made on search engines. This will inturn attract more visitors and generate more advertising revenue. In addition we also actively promote each revenue earning website to all the major search engines.


HOW EASY IS IT TO MAINTAIN MY REVENUE WEBSITE? If you can create a word document and print it from your PC you can maintain your own Work From Home Revenue Earning Website.

Instead of printing... you click and publish. We have designed our website admin control with all the siimilar features of creating a word document. You can even add your images, website links and text formating. The only difference being, when you click publish on your revenue earning website you instantly provide opportunity to increase your income 24 hours a day 7 days a week without having to do any additional work or overtime.

Spend a few hours adding content to your site and sit back to watch your visitor clicks earn you money.

Remember, the more content you add and the more informative your content is, the higher your earning potential will be.

WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED? All you need to start earning by working at home with our Work From Home Revenue Earning website is a theme and content idea.

Let us know what theme or content idea you are interested in and we will create your Revenue Earning website. All you have to do is start adding your content to the self maintained website and begin generating your adsense revenue.


Contact us for more information and advice about your project


Start Earning Additional Money From Your Website Today


Earn Commision - Refer Lee Marsh Design - Website Design Services


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