Lee Marsh Design - Web Design based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
Lee Marsh Design - Web Design in Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
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How do I increase traffic to my web site?

Why doesn't my site appear in Google?

How do I improve my site ranking?


Sound familiar?


Lee Marsh Design has the solution...


Today's market place for successful online search engine optimisation is not an easy process.


Competition is fierce and search engines are routinely adjusting their ranking algorithms. Optimisation of your web site to provide higher ranking and search engine friendly content is the most economical method in this complex and competative race to be number one in Google and other search engines.


Now more than ever, web site owners need a search marketing optimisation solution that combines technology and services to keep up with the search engines' algorithms and achieve the highest possible return on every pound invested.


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We have the knowledge...


Our keyword research and remodeling as search engine consultants provides a predictive/potential return for every keyword or phrase in your portfolio.


Based on this knowledge and research, together with the understanding of the latest techniques used by search engines to cache and rank your site, we can determin the most efficient method to firstly make your site attractive to search engines and implementing the best action to get the highest possible return.


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We Can Help...

Our search optimisation techniques adhere strictly to all the latest specifications requested by search engine criteria.

Some SEO companies implement techniques that could infact do the total opposite of what you asking of them. The result in using such techniques, ie. hidden text, is quite simple, your site will be blacklisted.


To obtain a better feel for your business needs and requirements when optimising your site, we take an overview of your competitors and your current position in the online market place.


The golden rule of successful optimisation is 'Relevancy', by optimising and implementation of our stratergies and technology, we aim to increase your revenue, decrease your advertising spend, and grow your visibility and web traffic.


To enable us to quote for our optimisation services we require a few details...