Lee Marsh Design - Web Design based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
Lee Marsh Design - Web Design in Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
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Looking for a cost effective way to market your business online?

Is your web designer charging the earth for updates?
Is your web site visible in search engines?

A Self Maintained Web Site or Self Updating Website is the solution for you and your business...


Take control of your online business


Launch your new start up business online.


Upgrade your existing web site to a self maintained and fully search engine optimised web site.

What is a Self Maintained Web Site? or Self Updating Website?

Bespoke templates design to your specific requirments...

website design solutions and self maintained websites
website design solutions and self maintained websites
website design solutions and self maintained websites

Example: Main Web Site Front End View

Front End - Self Maintained Web Sites


Admin Control Panel - Edit & Maintain Your Content

Admin Panel Editor - Self Maintained Web Sites


To Try Our Self Maintained Site - Contact Us For Admin Access


Self maintained web sites and Self Updating Websites can by managed by yourself without the need for a web designer. Pages can be added with content to your own design via our easy to use online editor.

Never thought you could be your own web designer? Our WYSIWYG editor gives you the freedom

to control your own web site.


How long does my self maintained web site take to set up?


Once installed and your custom web site template set up, the self maintained web site solutions are ready for you create as many pages as you require. Additional elements can also be included to your requirements - for example:


Latest News Features - Keeping your visitors up to date with the latest developments


Product Display Pages - If you don't require e-commerce shopping cart facility to showcase your products.


FAQ Knowledge Base - Provide a wealth of information to your visitors rather than answering questions repeatedly.


Photo Gallerys - Upload your images to your very own photo gallery, these are dynamically created into thumbnail and image enlargements on a click.


Random Quotes Of The Day - Simply enter your quotes and let them be displayed randomly to your visitors.


Random Image and Content - Give your site the impression that it's updated everytime repeat visitors return.


Search Engine - If your site provides vast amounts of information - Give it a search engine. Let visitors find your content fast and efficiently.


Features can be designed and integrated exact to your needs...


In addition to your site being search optimised these elements are also SEO friendly so your content additions actively promote your web site visibility.


We can also create tailor made solutions to your exact requirements!


Online Support?


As you manage your web site online via your control panel, help and support couldn't be simpler. We can access your site to provide full support for any help and advice you need.


It's as easy to update your self maintained web site as creating a word document.



What Is Included In The Self Maintained Web Site Package?


Your site graphics are created specifically to your web site from images you can provide by email. The package also includes hosting, email and domain name registration.

Included in the set up of the site are: Google Analytics, Google Maps and Sitemap submissions.




What Do I Need To Do?


Choose a domain name. We will register the domain on your behalf and set up hosting and MySQL database facilities.


Simply email images and your business/web site logo so we can create your professional and individual custom designed template.


It couldn't be easier...


Once the site has been loaded we will supply you with your unique admin user and password so you can begin to build your web site content.



Contact Us For Your Self Maintained Web Site


Or telephone for more information... 01246 854862





We can provide you with Adsense Affilliate advertising plugins for your web site via Googles Adsense program.

Simply create a Google Adsense account and cut and paste your code into the affilliate page editor. Display adverts specific to your web site content and earn revenue from click throughs.


More information



Get Online with your self maintained web site


Upgrade Your Web Site Package


We offer the ideal solution to get your business online and seen in search engines. If your business requirements need more from your web site... simply upgrade!


Please feel free to contact us for more information and upgrades available to suit to requirements.


Full services include:


~ Content Management Systems

~ Digital Graphic Design/Artwork

~ Advanced Photoshop Image Manipulation

~ Anti-Spam Web Forms

~ MySQL Databases and Integration

~ Image Optimisation

~ Web Site Content Proof Reading

~ Logos & Corporate Identity

~ Flash Animation

~ Flash Presentations and Multimedia

~ Digital Imaging / Scanning

~ Internet Consultancy

~ Google Maps/Adwords & Search Integration

~ Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

~ Web Site Optimisation

~ Online Forms & Payment Gateway Provider Integration

~ Bespoke Guestbook



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