Lee Marsh Design - Web Design based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
Lee Marsh Design - Web Design in Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
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Lee Marsh Design offers high performance web hosting and email services. All our services include powerful built-in features to make this a great choice for business or personal use enabling you to get the most from your Internet applications. Please view below for further information on Webhosting.

If you would like to order webhosting please start by entering the domain you would like the webspace to be configure for.

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        All domain names include:
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.co.uk  .com  .net 
.me.uk  .org  .org.uk 
.biz  .info  .ltd.uk

All domain name registrations are for 2 years - £35.00
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Web Hosting Features
200MB provided with the option to purchase additional web space up to 1GB - £99.99
PHP4 & Perl CGI...
For advanced dynamic website content.
ASP Hosting...
200MByte webspace supporting ASP.NET, ASP, Frontpage, Access databases, SSI and with ftp access to webstats.
View your extremely detailed website statistics online.
Telephone Support...
Technical support line available.