Lee Marsh Design - Web Design based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
Lee Marsh Design - Web Design in Derbyshire, domain names, hosting, site optimisation
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Based in Chesterfield Derbyshire Lee Marsh Design can design and create a professional level web site for your personal or business requirements, displaying your products or services to the world!

Web Design and Graphics has been our business for over fifteen years. Supported by our traditional and digital artwork skills, a broad knowledge of new media technologies, programming languages and legitimate Search Engine Optimisation.

Whether you need a web site, site integration, site upgrade, site maintenance, graphic design, database integration, Flash animation or Flash Presentation, we will create a unique high quality solution for your business.


If you already have a website... Lee Marsh Design could help!

Ask yourself... Is your web site performing to its maximum potential? - Learn More

Ecommerce Solutions...

Online Shops are becoming one of the premier uses of the internet with existing high street businesses racing to become online sellers.

Ecommerce enables your business to expand dramatically without massive investment.


The benefits:

No additonal costs for larger premises

Available to sell 24 hours a day 7 days a week...

Reach a worldwide audience without the high cost of convential hard copy advertising.


Our ecommerce solutions are available in several different packages designed to meet the needs of our clients and budget. All ecommerce site designs are self maintainable giving you full control of your products, categories and additional support pages. Unlike many shopping cart solutions available our solutions are totally search engine friendly and in turn increases your search engine ranking.

ButterflyUK - Self Maintained Ecommerce Solutions provided by Lee marsh Design



If you already have an ecommerce solution that is not performing, or involves high running costs of a web designer to maintain on your behalf, we can provide a proven solution.


Our ecommerce solutions have no monthly hidden charges, no monthly contracts, once the initial set up and installation is complete the only ongoing expense is your annual hosting charge.


Start selling online today...

Self Maintained Ecommerce Solutions provided by Lee marsh Design

Full Support with Secure Remote Access

All our ecommerce packages include full support with remote access. Our support team can talk you step by step through store tasks from simply adding a product to achieving the most from your ecommerce store. More info

Self Maintained Solutions...

Gain control over your online business with a self maintained web site.

Our solutions enable you create, amend and delete content and pages on your web site giving you the control over your online business that is necessary to be successful. All without the knowledge of a web designer. More Info

Database Driven Solutions...

We provide database driven solutions for web sites or as an additional web site integration. An ideal solution for providing upto the minute information to your visitors and customers giving you total control. Perhaps you provide a service or product that would greatly benefit individual users accessing your web site for specific information.

You may be spending high resources of your time and money attracting new customers and visitors, integrating a backend database facility could enable you to be more proactive on delivering information to your existing customers. More Info

Community Sites...

Create interactivity for your visitors and provide a community atmosphere on your web site. Let visitors interact with other visitors. An ideal tool for developing repeat visits, continuous content refreshment and search engine caching. Web Site developments for community sites include message forums, blogs, guestbooks and live chat. More Info

Site Modifications...

Lee Marsh Design offers a complete site modification and integration service for exisiting site owners. If your web site is looking out dated or requires some additonal features to provide a better experience to your visitors and customers we can help... More Info

Bespoke GuestBooks...

Lee Marsh Design offers bespoke Guestbooks for web sites ready for easy integration into your exisiting web site. The Guestbook is created to maintain the look and feel of your existing graphics and colour for a seamless visitor experience. To prevent spam from unwanted postings and comments the Guestbook also includes an admin area to edit, delete and publish each post... More Info

Google Integrations...

The services and features below are provided free of charge by Google providing you adhere to their terms and conditions. Lee Marsh Design provides an integration service to configure these features into your web site content.



Add Google Maps to your site and help customers find your business. More Info



Make your site user friendly and add a web or site Google Search facility to you site. More Info



Earn revenue from your web site traffic by providing Google Ad Content on your site. More Info


Full services include:


~ Content Management Systems

~ Digital Graphic Design/Artwork

~ Advanced Photoshop Image Manipulation

~ Anti-Spam Web Forms

~ MySQL Databases and Integration

~ Image Optimisation

~ Web Site Content Proof Reading

~ Logos & Corporate Identity

~ Flash Animation

~ Flash Presentations and Multimedia

~ Digital Imaging / Scanning

~ Internet Consultancy

~ Google Maps/Adwords & Search Integration

~ Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

~ Web Site Optimisation

~ Online Forms & Payment Gateway Provider Integration

~ Bespoke Guestbook